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Upcoming Events

The Museum of the American G.I. plans various educational, community, and fundraising events throughout the year. Check out some of our upcoming events!

2021 History in Motion

2022 Living History School Day

2022 Living History Weekend


2018 Living History Weekend “Over the Top” WWI Battle Reenactment from Sunday March 25, 2018

2017 Living History Weekend WWII Battle Reenactment from Saturday March 25, 2017

The Living History School Day is an opportunity for students to view history in a new way! This all-day program has many demonstrations and displays that will excite and engage students while honoring our veterans and the sacrifices they made.

Watch History Come Alive during the Living History Weekend! View Living History Displays, witness the roar of tanks in our WWII Battle reenactments, and watch WWI Trench battles! This family-friendly event is sure to have something for everyone!

Join us on Sunday, May 29 at 3 PM as our Armored Support Group performs a 21-gun salute with 105 Howitzers. This program will cap our week-long commemoration of those who sacrificed all for our Nation.