The Museum of the American G.I. is proud to administer the Armored Support Group (ASG), the only re-enactor program in the world to offer the historian and armor enthusiast the chance to crew original, award-winning WWII US vehicles. The ASG is a group of dedicated volunteers who invest their own time and resources into meticulously re-creating WWII era uniforms and camps, but who also work together to train members how to operate and maintain the museum’s WWII vehicle collection. They demonstrate these skills every year at the museum’s annual Living History Weekend as they operate the vehicles during the WWII reenactment.

These members are an essential part of what makes the museum special: their passion for history and preservation makes them a wealth of knowledge for visitors, and their dedication to the museum’s mission makes them indispensable for our living history events.

Interested in joining the Armored Support Group?

The Armored Support Group is always open to new members who share a passion for WWII history! However, this is not a gentle hobby, and members are expected to share in the responsibilities as well as the fun. Each member provides his or her own uniforms and equipment, though he or she will be provided with help and guides for obtaining the basics at reasonable costs. Members must be able to participate in regular training days to ensure safety standards are maintained, must be available to participate in museum events and functions, and must share equal parts in maintenance and cleaning after events.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the ASG, please send the following information to

-First and Last Name

-Date of Birth

-Email/Daytime/Evening Phone & Preferred Mode of Contact


-Experience as a Re-enactor