We have an amazing collection of original World War II posters at the Museum of the American G.I. We are very proud to be able to preserve these pieces of our nation’s past! Each poster tells a different story and holds a significant message.

Check out some of our posters below and be sure to visit us to view our entire displays in person!

Espionage and sabotage were serious concerns for U.S. citizens during WWII. Poster campaigns promoted maintaining secrecy.

Explore the history behind US wartime posters and their encouragement for conservation, production, recruiting and efforts on the home front.

Compelling posters were an important tool in encouraging as many men as possible to do their duty and enlist in the military forces.

Those who did not enlist were asked to do their part by purchasing bonds or subscribing to war loans.

Government publicity reminded people that shortages of food and materials occurred because they were going to the troops, and that civilians should take part in conservation and salvage campaigns.