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Explore History

Take a walk through history with the Historians and Curators at the Museum of the American G.I.

From the American Revolution to the Mexican-American War, learn how Americans fought to establish and increase the territories of the United States of America.

Take a closer look at a complicated and controversial time in US History.

Explore how an effort to increase political, economic, and cultural influence and further American Exceptionalism led to a time of territorial expansion.

An assassination, old imperial alliances, and the rise of nationalism led to a world at war resulting in the development of new technologies.

Stories of when the “Greatest Generation” went to war to save the world.

Learn about the “Forgotten War” and why it should be remembered.

Explore how Tunnel rat, Proxy wars, space race, POW, LZ, military advisors became Military Lexicons that defined an era.

A time when America, often under the auspices of NATO or the UN, carried out “limited military intervention” to promote democracy and international relief.

For almost 20 years the central focus of the US Military was the Global War on Terror.  Take a closer look at this protracted war and the Servicemen and Women that served with honor and distinction.