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May 1st – Silver Star Service Banner Day

May 1, est. 2010

May 1 is Silver Star Service Banner Day. Thank you to all veterans and current service members who have been affected by their time in combat.

May 1 is Silver Star Service Banner Day, a time to recognize those who have been awarded the Silver Star Medal and remember the sacrifices of our wounded and ill veterans. The Silver Star is the third-highest military decoration for valor in combat and is typically awarded for actions over a short term and may be earned for specific acts in combat.

The Silver Star medal is awarded for specific actions during combat and Silver Star Service Banner Day is a recognition for those who have been sickened, wounded, or killed in combat. At one time, there was no Silver Star service banner. The military adopted the formal use of the Gold Star and Blue Star service banners long before the Silver Star existed. In fact, Silver Star Service Banner Day would not get its formal recognition until 2010.

In May of 2010, Congress passed a resolution, formalizing this day and listing it as an “Official Day to honor wounded, ill, and injured veterans.” Private agencies and veterans service organizations such as The Silver Star Families of America formed to recognize and help ill and wounded current service members and veterans. Those who have loved ones affected by combat may wear or display the Silver Star Service Banner and many choose to observe May 1 in this way. There may also be base level ceremonies, local military or military-themed events, and other activities to pay respect for those who have served in combat.