Honor Your Veteran!

Starting in June 2020 here at the museum, we are introducing two new ways to honor a veteran you love! You can get their photo featured in our new Vet Pics showcase on display, or we will even give them a special birthday shoutout. Or, do both! Although some of us may be apart, we can still stay 6 feet together.

Vet Pics

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First, you can email the museum the name and a picture of your veteran to vetpics@americangimuseum.org. Your veteran’s picture will be included in our heroes’ pictorial showcase. You can include any information you would like featured on their photo such as their first and last name, branch of service, rank, and time served/era. 

Birthday Shoutout

Photo from The Eagle-Laura McKenzie

Secondly, you can also email the summer birthday information to vetpics@americangimuseum.org of local veterans so we can give them a special birthday shout out, especially since many of our older veterans can not get out during this time. This way, we can all stay 6 feet together during the summer!