Winterblitz 2022
Presented by Texas Independent Military Modelers
January 22, 2022

A fun laid back-back show for armor and figure enthusiasts set amongst REAL historic artifacts!

All show, registration, and contact information can be found on the official event website – WINTERBLITZ 2020

Rick Cotton – Show Coordinator
Brandon Jacob – Show Director
Eric Choy – Head Judge

General Information


The Theme Award for Winterblitz 2022 will is “Deuces Wild”.  Anything with a “2” in it.  Example: GMC Deuce and a Half, SDKFZ 251, etc.


Best of Show – The best of the best.  Who will climb to the top of the styrene mountain and win the Golden Xacto?
Museum of the American G.I. Award – In tribute to the Museum, an award will be given to the entry that best salutes the spirit of the American G.I.  We will invite the Museum to help the judges pick this one!
Best Fully Tracked – Best fully tracked vehicle of the show.
Best NOT Fully Tracked – Best vehicle that is not fully tracked.  This includes half-tracks.
Best WTF Award – awarded to the modeler that best blows the minds of the judges
The Silk Purse from a Sow’s Ear Award – Awarded to the modeler that takes on a bad kit and turns it into something nice. Dust off an old Italeri and see what you can do!
Theme Award – deuces wild!  The Theme Award for Winterblitz 2022 will is “Deuces Wild”.  Anything with a “2” in it.  Example: GMC Deuce and a Half, SDKFZ 251, etc.


100 – Box Stock ASAE
200 – Origins to 1930 (all scales)
300 – Artillery (towed, no towed vehicle) ASAE
400 – Artillery (towed WITH tow vehicle) ASAE
500 – Artillery self-propelled ASAE
600 – Smaller than 1/35 (splits between 1/48 and 1/72 expected)
700 – Fully tracked no interior ASAE
800 – Fully tracked with interior ASAE
900 – Larger than 1/35 ASAE
1000 – Armored cars and halftracks ASAE
2000 – Soft-skins ASAE
3000 – Miscellaneous ASAE
4000 – Friend Versus Foe ASAE  (2 opposing vehicles entered as a single entry – i.e. a German Tiger and a Russian T-34)\
5000 – Military Figures ASAE
6000 – Dioramas ASAE

ASAE = ALL scale ALL eras

SPLITS – We are fully prepared to split ALL categories.  Splits will occur depending on the number of entrants per category. 


All participants are encouraged to bring ONE un-started kit.  Just prior to the awards ceremony, there will be a special swap meet for those who bring a kit.   Who said Christmas ends in December!!!


6:30 am – Setup and vendors access

9:00 am – Museum opens to participants of the contest – the Museum is enabling us to get started early and only those individuals participating (entering at least one model) in the contest may enter at 9 am.

10:00 am – Museum opens to non-participants and the general public – yes, the Museum is 100% open to the general public on January 22nd and we are excited about that.  The entry fee for non-participants and the general public is the standard daily entry fee.

11:30 am – Contest registration closes – earlier than many shows, but we want to get on with the judging. We understand participants may be coming from afar and we are prepared to be flexible on cut-off for our out-of-town friends.

12:00 pm – Judging begins – Once judging for a category begins, there will be no more entries.  The model room will be open during judging.  Please respect judges.

3:00 pm – Judging ends (we mean it!).

3:10 pm – Special swap meet, door prize and raffle – as judges wrap up the tally.

3:30 pm – Awards – we have not finalized the plans for the awards presentation, but we intend to keep it under one hour.