Ride a tank

November 12 & 13,2022

Ride in a WWII Tank or WWII Half-Track
during History In Motion

Reservations for Slots 1-4 for both Saturday, November 12, and Sunday,  November 13 will open on October 19 at 8AM! 

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Experience history from the turret of a WWII Tank or a historic Half-Track Personnel Carrier! Whether you’re a World of Tanks fan, a history buff, a military geek, or anything in between, this is definitely one to mark off your bucket list!

On Saturday, November 12 & Sunday, November 13, you can ride in a WWII Half-Track or a WWII tank  –  either a Sherman tank, M18 tank destroyer, Stuart tank, Chaffee tank or an M8 HMC (cannot guarantee a ride in a specific tank).  Each ride consists of one loop around the arena!

Tank Ride: $160 per person for a tank ride  (Cash price listed – CC accepted with a convenience fee)
Half-Track Ride:  $25 per person for a Half-Track Ride (Cash price listed – CC accepted with a convenience fee)

Ride Price does NOT include the History in Motion entrance fee of $15 Adults, $10 Kids (5-17), payable at the gate.

Safety is the number one priority for anyone who rides in our vehicles. Tank Ride participants must be at least 7 years or older, with a minimum height of 52 in and able to climb on and off the vehicle and in and out of the hatches unassisted. Tank Ride participants must have no underlying health conditions that would preclude riding in “off road” conditions. All Tank Ride participants (or their legal guardian) must sign a hold-harmless agreement. The Museum of the American G.I. and its crew reserve the right to refuse any participant (tank ride or half-track ride) who they deem unfit or unsafe to themselves, other participants or the crew.  The ticket price will be refunded if the ride is canceled for safety reasons.  If you have any concerns about your ability to participate, please check at the information tent.

All ride participants will be assigned a ride time slot at the time of the ticket purchase.  All riders must purchase or pick up pre-purchased tickets at the information tent prior to going to the tank ride area Riders should plan on arriving at the ride wait area 15 minutes before their ride for instructions.   Depending on the demand, 1- 3 tanks will be driving in any given time slot.  Each tank will hold three riders, and the half-track between 8-10 (depending on the composition of the group).  For COVID-19 safety precautions, all riders will be required to wear masks.  Each vehicle will be cleaned between rides.

Slots 1-4 will be available for purchase prior to the event.  Pre-Purchased Tickets will be available for pickup at the Information Tent WILL CALL on the day of the event.   All other slots will be available on a first-come basis during the event.   

Reservations for Slots 1-4 for both Saturday, November 13, and Sunday,  November 14 will be open Oct 19 at 8 AM!

What When
Slots 1-4

Saturday, Nov 13 @ 10:30 AM -11:30 AM
Slots 5-8
Slots 9-12
Saturday, Nov 13 @ 12:30 PM – 13:30 PM
Saturday, Nov 13 @ 14:30 PM – 15:30 PM
Raffle Winners Saturday, Nov 13 @ 15:30 PM
Slots 1-4
Slots 5-8 
Sunday, Nov 14 @ 10:30 AM -11:30 AM
Sunday, Nov 14 @ 12:30 PM -13:30 PM
Raffle Winners Sunday, Nov 14 @ 14:30 PM

This Could be Your Tank!

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