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March 26 & 27, 2022

One Day Tickets (Cash price)
$15 Adults, $5 Kids (5-11), Under 5 free

Two Day Tickets
$22 Adults, $12 Kids, Under 5 free (Cash price)

(purchase upgrade at Information tent before you leave)

Credit cards accepted (with convenience fee)

Living History Weekend is a ‘Special Event day’
regular admission prices are not valid



The Museum of the American G.I.’s Living History Weekend is the largest event of its kind in Texas, with visitors from across the nation coming to view Living History Displays, shop in the Military Swap Meet, witness the roar of tanks in our WWII Battle reenactments, and watch on “Over the Top” WWI Trench battle! This family-friendly event is sure to have something for everyone!

There will be more battles, tank rides, and living history displays!  Everyone will enjoy the free parking at Santa’s Wonderland’s new Blitzen Lot (no parking on site). Upon entering the museum property, you will ride in a  WWII 2 1/2 ton CCKW  or modern HUMVEE to the reenactment fields where all of the activities will take place.  You can start or end your day by browsing through the militaria vendors to take home a small piece of history!

Come early and stay all day!  You will not want to miss anything. Chick-fil-A,  Kona Ice, and other food vendors will be on-site to make sure no one goes hungry!


WWII Battle Skirmishes – Sat 11:30 AM & 4 PM, Sunday 2 PM

Experience battle up-close! See an infantry advance and retreat. Hear the rumbles of engines, feel the vibrations of cannon fire, smell the smoke, and witness the power of these historic pieces of equipment! Sure to entertain and enrapture visitors of all ages!


WWI Battle Skirmish — Sat 10:30 AM & 2:30 PM, Sunday 11 AM

On April 6 1917, the US entered WWI.  We will take you back in time as you watch a WWI trench battle between the American Expeditionary Force and the Imperial German Army

Narrated WWII Living History Displays

Take a stroll through the living history camps, and learn about the daily lives of both Axis and Allied servicemen and women. See original or carefully reproduced equipment and uniforms. Our living historians are passionate about their roles, to the point that most camp out in the very tents you see! Displays include WWI Salvation Army, General Patton’s Command Tent, Camp Lili (American Signal Corps Unit), US Infantry and Airborne Paratroopers camps, as well as German Infantry Camps.

History in Action – Saturday & Sunday 12:30 PM

Feel the heat of a flame thrower and the boom of artillery as our Living Historians demonstrate explain and demonstrate the power of these weapons.

Take a ride in a WWII tank**!  

Visit the transportation station for an opportunity to ride in a WWII tank for one loop around the arena!
*$125 /person (Tax deductible donation with proceeds going to maintaining the museum’s collection)

Take a ride in a WWII Half-Track**!

Visit the transportation station for an opportunity to ride in a WWII half-track for one loop around the arena!
*$20 /person (Tax deductible donation with proceeds going to maintaining the museum’s collection)

Shoot a Howitzer

Feel the power of the museum’s 75mm Pack Howitzer! Visit the artillery range to shoot off one blank, experiencing the force of this amazing piece of artillery.
*$40/round   (Tax deductible donation with proceeds going to maintaining the museum’s collection)

Shoot a Machine Gun (Paintball that is!)

Visit the artillery range to fire a paintball-adapted machine gun for only a $10 cash donation!


Military Vehicle Rally

Military history buffs and gamers alike will marvel at the award-winning display of fully restored and operational military vehicles and artillery. The museum’s own impressive collection of WWII- Vietnam era vehicles will be out for full display with living historians available to talk about the vehicles, their operation, and their upkeep. Restoration enthusiasts from across the US will also be present to proudly display their own military vehicles!


Military Swap Meet

Have an itch to bring home some history? Over 30 vendors will be present selling items ranging from patches, medals, toys, uniforms, vehicle parts to vehicles. The fun is in the hunt!

**Health & Safety Regulations for ride participants: Safety is our number one priority for anyone who rides in our vehicles. Tank Ride participants must be at least 7 years or older, with a minimum height of 52 in, and the ability to climb on and off the vehicle and in and out of the hatches unassisted. Tank Ride participants must have no underlying health conditions that would preclude riding in “off-road” conditions. All Tank Ride participants (or their legal guardian) must sign a hold-harmless agreement. The Museum of the American G.I. and its crew reserve the right to refuse any participant (tank ride or half-track ride) who they deem unfit or unsafe to themselves, other participants, or the crew.  The ticket price will be refunded if the ride is canceled for safety reasons.

Schedule of Events  (times are subject to change)


SATURDAY – 10 AM to 5 PM
Reenactments and Special Demonstration
9:30 AM – Gates Open
10:30 AM  – WWI Skirmish (WWI Arena)
11:30 AM – WWII Skirmish (WWII Arena)
12:30 PM – History in Action (WWII Arena)
2:30 PM – WWI Skirmish (WWI Arena)
4:00 PM – WWII Skirmish (WWII Arena)
Vehicle Rides and Trench Tours
10:00 – 11:15 AM – Tank and Half-Track Rides (WWII Arena)
11:30 – 1:30 PM – Trench Tours (WWI Arena)
1:30 – 3:15 PM – Tank and Half-Track Rides (WWII Arena)
3:30 – 5:00 PM – Trench Tours


SUNDAY – 10 AM to 3 PM
Reenactments and Special Demonstration
9:30 AM – Gates Open
11:00 AM  – WWI Skirmish (WWI Arena)
12:30 PM – History in Action (WWII Arena)
2:00 PM – WWII Skirmish (WWII Arena)
Vehicle Rides and Trench Tours
10:00 – 12:15 PM – Tank and Half-Track Rides (WWII Arena)
11:30 – 1:30 PM – Trench Tours (WWI Arena)
2:45 – 3:15 PM – Tank and Half-Track Rides (WWII Arena)


The Living History program and vehicles listed to take part are subject to health and safety, operational, weather and mechanical considerations. The Museum of the American G.I. reserves the right to amend or modify the program or withdraw vehicles, at any time without notification when reasonably required in accordance with its own best-practice procedures or those of exhibit owners. As with all historic machines, the appearance of any vehicle or tank in the arena display is subject to its mechanical reliability on the day.


First Time to Visit?

Here are some frequently asked questions that may help you plan for an amazing day:

Will this be your first time attending Living History Weekend? If so, you might have a lot of questions about what is allowed at our event. Never fear! We want to ensure that our event is safe and fun for the whole family, so we answered some common questions here:

Are Masks required?
Even though the event is all outdoors, masks will be required in areas where it is not possible to social distance like vehicle rides and some displays.  There will be plenty of space for you to social distance without the mask but in someplace that is not possible so don’t forget the mask!

Where do I park?
Parking is FREE at Santa’s Wonderland’s Blitzen Lot. From there you simply enter in the museum grounds.  Please note, there will be NO parking on the museum grounds.  There will be handicap spaces in the Blitzen lot.

May I bring in outside food or drink?
Yes! We want everyone to stay safe and hydrated, but please leave the alcohol at home. We do not recommend bringing large coolers, so make sure everything can fit in a purse, bag, or backpack. If you don’t want to carry around lots of items, we will be selling food and water at various locations all day.  But remember, our food vendors will have all of your needs covered!  Stop by and grab a sandwich from Chick-fil-A, a hot dog from Grill Sergeants, or a fabulous taco from Raging Bull Street Tacos.  And of course, who can resist a Snowcone from Kona Ice!

Is everything handicap or wheelchair accessible?
We do our best to make our event as wheelchair-friendly as possible. Our indoor facility is 100% wheelchair accessible, though be aware that our living history camps and displays are outside on potentially uneven or muddy terrain (depending on the weather). All activities will be on a hill at a distance from the museum building, but we provide rides to and from this location to seniors, expectant or new mothers, and those with disabilities as well as to the general public.

What should I bring or wear?
Most of our activities are outside, so wear comfortable clothing and shoes that are suitable for walking on dirt and grass. We recommend a hat and sunscreen, and potentially a rain jacket or umbrella if rain is in the forecast. Don’t forget your camera for pictures and extra spending money!

Can I pay with credit?
You may purchase tickets at the gate with a credit card. Our gift shop and select stations also accept cards. A small cc convenience fee will be added to all credit card purchases.  We highly recommend cash to shop at our vendors’ booths as well as for some activities.

Will there be seating at the reenactment?
Yes! We will have bleachers, though seating is very limited. You may bring a chair if you want, but be prepared to have to carry it for long walks.

Will the reenactment be loud?
Yes, we simulate real gunfire and explosions, so there will be quite a bit of noise. We will have earplugs available for purchase at the site, but you may also wish to bring your own. Be especially aware that the noise may upset infants and young children.

Are pets allowed at the event?
Yes, if they remain on a leash and are well behaved. We also ask that you clean up after their potty breaks, as no one likes tracking poop!

May I climb on the vehicles?
No, unless you are at a photo station or a vehicle ride, and have express permission from the reenactors in charge of that station, you may not climb on or into any vehicles.

May I touch the display?
Please do not touch any displays unless you have the express permission of the living historian running the display. Much of the equipment our living historians use is original, and thus easily 70 years old or more. Please respect the equipment and leave it available for future generations.

May I photograph events and displays?
Yes! We love seeing your photographs of our events, and don’t forget to tag us on Facebook!


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